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Are you more interested in gold or silver?

From the Aug. 21 Numismatic News e-newsletter

Are you more interested in gold or silver? 

Here are some answers sent from our e-newsletter readers.

I’m interested in both but rely more on silver. If our mighty U.S. dollar collapses, silver will be more portable to use when buying small items like groceries, which means gold would be used when buying much larger items.

I would recommend having some of each if you can afford to.

David P. Cafferata
MSG (Retired), USA

In my opinion, I think silver is under value. So, if you can hold on to it for a while, eventually you can make some money in return in the future!

Kwok WaAu
Hanover, Md.


Michael McKinnon
Southport, N.C.

Silver! Why? The ratio disparity is great between the two metals, but I don’t believe it will stay that way and will return to a more normal ratio like 10:1 to 15:1. When, and if, this happens, I will sell my silver and purchase more gold. I believe silver will go up at a faster percentage rate than gold, making an excellent buying opportunity for gold by selling one’s silver.

Rodney Pelles
Toccoa, Ga.

I prefer buying silver as opposed to gold simply because the cost basis is affordable when you consider price points. Secondly, there is more of an upside; liken it to a value stock over time, you will see a gain if you hold.

Pasadena, Md.

I’m more interested in silver. I can’t afford gold.

Larry Rattin
Address Withheld

I like both gold and silver. As for gold, I have some collections of jewelry like rings and necklaces. I also have some necklaces and rings with 925 silver. I bought my mother two sets of silver necklaces, rings and earrings. I have some collections of old coins when the Philippines were under Spanish Regime: 10 centavos, 20 centavos and 50 centavos, both King Alfonso XII and Queen Isabella II of Spain. I also have some collections of coins from the time we were a commonwealth of the United States. I have 1 centavo, 5 centavos, 20 centavos, 50 centavos and 1 peso. I have no gold coins in my collection, just silver and some commemorative coins from the present time.

Name and Address Withheld

The short answer is silver. From an economic viewpoint, silver has a better chance of doubling in price than gold. I hope to cash in my common-date coins that only have intrinsic value and start a new series. A collectible Standing Liberty quarter, BU, for instance, will rise in value but not double.

Horst Seeley
Manchester, N.H.

Oh my goodness, no. If I wasn’t buying $17 silver (and I wasn’t) why on earth would I be buying $27 silver? I go to recently returning local auctions and find great deals on building my early American copper while everyone else fetishizes gold and silver. Remember “buy low and sell high?” It’s a thing.

V. Kurt Bellman
Harrisburg, Pa.

Gold prices are high right now, but silver prices are also rising. Although silver prices are going up, it is still affordable. Right now I collect silver coins. I have gold coins, and their value is impressive; I prefer silver coins for now.

Doug Fields
Laredo, Texas

I prefer silver over gold. The risk is much lower purchasing silver. Silver 90percent is so cost-effective that anyone is able to spend a $20 bill on dimes or quarters. At the end of the year, I have enough of a hoard that a small working-class guy like myself is able to hold a physical asset.

Carl Hornberger
Integrity Coin Store
Poquoson, Va.

Most of our customers prefer silver due to the spread percentage to gold ratio.We sell more silver troy ounces than gold at present.

Generic silver .999 bars and rounds are the customer’s choice, due to the lowest spread; Canada Maple Leafs are second. The spread on American silver Eagles is so high that we sell less than 20 a week. Gold American Eagles are the customer preference over K-Rands or Maple Leafs.

Richard Schornak
Integrity Coin Store
Poquoson, Va.