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ANA offers many benefits to coin clubs

The Feb. 9 letter to the editor, “Club drops out of ANA over new fee hike”   has to be commented on so as to assist ANA member clubs in their decisions to continue ANA club membership.

The Feb. 9 letter to the editor, “Club drops out of ANA over new fee hike” has to be commented on so as to assist ANA member clubs in their decisions to continue ANA club membership.


Allen White, president of the Waynesboro, Pa., Coin Club, points out the problems in his club meeting the new ANA dues payment. When I was initially advised of the dues increase from $36 to $75, it was shocking to me also.

Then I found out the club dues increase was approved in order to increase the individual membership in the ANA. If a club has 15 current ANA members assigned to their club, they pay nothing for dues. Yes, nothing.

In other words, for each ANA member in that club, dues are decreased by $5. The only restriction is that the member can only use one club for his purpose.

As past president of the Ocean County Coin Club in New Jersey, I have taken a more active approach in getting our club members to sign up for the ANA. Dues for regular ($28) and junior memberships ($14) decreased for those who obtain the magazine online. Signing up for multiple years further decreases the dues.

Naturally, clubs with fewer members have to strive harder to attain a fair number of ANA members to get the dues to where it once was. A club with eight ANA members reduces its dues to $35, basically to where it once was.

The Waynesboro Coin Club goes back to 1961 as a loyal ANA member and supporter for 48 years and that is admirable to note. The club charges only $5 annual membership, while our club in New Jersey charges $10. These membership dues are quite nominal compared to what clubs can offer their members in the hobby.

The ANA is our backbone of the hobby. It provides two weeks every summer of numismatic education (second to none) in Colorado Springs, of which scholarships are available. In addition, clubs benefit in a number of ways such as:

1. Club listed in the ANA Directory for non-members to search out their club.
2. Show kits are provided.
3. Speaker certificates.
4. Contests such as Club Publications and National Coin Week.
5. Diploma Program discounts.
6. Show listing in The Numismatist .
7. Availability of the ANA Library.
8. Liability insurance, mailing invitations for your show and/or meetings.
9. Traveling seminars.
10. Free admission to ANA conventions and its museum.
11. Assists club in a return up to $25 for advertising for new members.
12. Activities on the ANA Web site for adults and youngsters.

Other benefits include various services including coin grading and a number of youth activities at conventions and online.

The ANA is a nonprofit educational organization and it is sincerely hoped the Waynesboro club as well as other clubs make that effort to remain ANA club members as it behooves all of us in the hobby to have an organization that attempts to do so much for its members.

Jim Majoros is a hobbyist in Toms River, N.J.

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