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Activities and Projects During COVID

From the Aug. 14 Numismatic News e-newsletter

What non-collecting activities or projects have you taken up in light of hobby events being canceled?

Here are some responses from e-newsletter readers.

Without coin shows for these past several months, I have had a lot of time to read books and coin magazines (especially Numismatic News), and tend to my garden.

Ryan Kordziel

I work in the minting/bullion manufacturing trade (I have been for over 30 years). Since the end of March, I have been working 60+ hour weeks and we are running double shifts trying to keep up with the precious metal market demands. So there has been no time for numismatics or any other hobby as I must keep feeding the monster.

Sean Moffatt
OKC, Okla. 

I've been making wood projects. It's cheaper than collecting coins. I may build some wooden boxes to display some of my collection.
Ken S.
Address Withheld 

I was able to spend my free time working and hanging out at our local coin shop; it is a lot like the old school barbershop, where friends gather and tell stories. I occasionally purchase a coin.

Carl Hornberger

I have been brushing up on my coding skills. I am trying to make a nice coin app for your desktop that keeps track of your coins and numismatic items. It’s very time- consuming but satisfying to me to code and be able to create something out of nothing!
Tony Brubaker
Elkton, Md.

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