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2021 Coins and Coin Series

From the Oct. 9 Numismatic News e-Newsletter

What coin or series are you most looking forward to in 2021 and why?

Here are some responses from our e-newsletter readers.

I’ve started the American Innovation dollar series so that is what I will be really excited to see. It is a very interesting series and has really good themes and coins.

Mark N.

Address withheld

First, if the question implies from the United States Mint, my answer is short and sweet: nothing, save the intended centennial Morgan and Peace dollar commemoratives, maybe. This is because the original submitted legislation provides funding for the American Numismatic Association (ANA).

Second, for what might or could be: New Zealand type coins to fill my album, Bay Bridge commemoratives, certain “so-called dollars” and the never-before-seen obsolete $10 note from The Searsport Bank of Searsport, Maine; all for my collection completion.

Why? My collecting, long ago, advanced from what could be called “common collector coins.” I simply do not need more recent dated modern commemoratives, annual sets, middle-grade Morgan dollars or Franklin halves.

Third, for the serious endeavor: assembling a Carson City Mint Morgan dollar collection in G-4. If I can’t obtain/afford the high-end graded dollars, I’ll switch to the “bottom of the barrel!”

Michael S. Turrini

Vallejo, Calif.

I would have to say the 2021 Morgan dollar. I enjoy the Morgans and being the 100th anniversary year since the 1921 Morgan, it should be a success.

Mark Fowler

Milford, N.H.

I am looking forward to the 2021 Morgan and Peace dollar commemorative coins.

Name and address withheld

I am looking forward to the silver Eagles because it is the first of the new style and won’t be changed in my lifetime.

Name and address withheld

 I am most looking forward to the 2021 Morgan and Peace silver dollars, provided the Senate passes the House-approved bill authorizing these coins. My interest stems both from a feeling of nostalgia for coins I have admired since I was a kid and from my hopeful anticipation of seeing these classic designs produced in high relief proof versions using today’s minting technology. I think the program will be a huge success for the Mint and the coin collecting hobby.

Kudos to CCAC Chair Tom Uram and CCAC member Michael Moran for their efforts to see this program through the Congressional approval process. I hope it happens.

Gary Marks

Former Chairperson

Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee


None of them because all of them are boring and have no imagination.

Name and address withheld

I’m looking forward to getting all the 2020 “W” ATB quarters! I’m also excited about another one. This one isn’t from the U.S. Mint, but I’m excited about receiving the 10th and final coin of the Queen’s Beast series.

Michael Morton

Address withheld