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You want to do business? Why?

Being just back from the National Money Show, I had to add up all of my expenses and submit a report to the accounting department.

This process is now done online.

However, some of the vendors that I did business with in addition to taking my credit card, took my corporate e-mail. I assumed I would receive sales pitches as a result, but that is the price we all pay for being online.

It is something I have come to accept rather than like.

One vendor sent me an e-mail to complete a survey on my business experience. Then another one. Then another one.

I have ignored all three. I expect I will get yet more requests for my opinion.

This is annoying.

My car dealer does it, too. Every time I take my car in for servicing, I get an e-mail solicitation to evaluate the service.

I don’t fill this out, either.

If I had a problem or suggestion with the service department, I would give them my opinion on the spot, face to face.

I know opinions are meant to be expressed. I ask 52 weekly poll questions each year online and in Numismatic News. I try to zero in on the issue most important to readers each week. That means 52 different topics and I don’t expect the same readers to respond to all questions.

I do not ask the same question over and over again week in and week out. I do not like being asked the same question over and over. I believe readers feel the same way.

I am a creature of habit and I do have certain brand loyalties. I would rather drink Coke than Pepsi. I would rather have McDonald’s french fries than Burger King’s, but that doesn’t mean the products I don’t prefer are doing something wrong.

I also don’t want to be asked why I support the businesses I like over and over again. It spoils the enjoyment of the product or service and the fun of having an opinion about certain things in the first place.

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  1. dofus kamas says:

    While there is life, there is hope.

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