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You got a signature; what's next?

What’s your problem? I might say that to some collectors who were acting like a bunch of old ladies, but that is an insult to old ladies. I apologize to every single one of them in advance.

However I ask the question because coin collectors seem to be morphing into Internet-fed gossip mongers who are up to no good.

The most recent target was the Mint’s policy of not requiring signatures when coins are delivered to collector homes.

These collectors complained so loudly that the Mint has now changed its delivery policy effective March 13 to require signatures for packages containing $300 or more in value or precious metal coinage.


The complaints sprang less from what actually happened in the way of losses suffered to the simple conjecture of what might happen.

What’s next? Demands that collector packages be blue, delivered only between the hours of 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. and that uniformed drivers wear the colors of the local powerhouse football team?

If a business like the Mint thinks the risk of theft is so low that it need not require signature, why should that matter to the collector recipients?

All they need do is accept the coins and enjoy them.

Apparently that isn’t good enough.

I feel like I’m watching an Old West movie scene where someone is waving a pistol at the bar.

“OK, Mint, start dancing.”

Sure enough, the Mint starts dancing.

Is this healthy in the long run?

Collectors often ask what they can do to attract future generations.

The first thing I can think of is to stop acting like creepy old men with too much time on our hands complaining that the world today is nothing like it used to be.

I also remember the complaint letters I used to receive from readers who missed deliveries when signatures were required and then had to drive somewhere to pick up a package that couldn’t be left behind.

Oh boy, I will start getting those complaints again.

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4 Responses to You got a signature; what's next?

  1. Dan says:

    I think the signature complaint was justified and really protects the best interests of everyone involved. I’ve received a number of packages from the Mint’s new distribution center that were poorly packaged and came open in transit. The last thing I want is for high value coins to be left at the doorstep, where they can easily be stolen. Would the Mint take me at my word if I said something wasn’t received?

    I, for one, am glad that the Mint has been a little more responsive to complaints. Hopefully they will do something about the sloppy practices of the new distribution center and also get their website order history issues resolved (it’s been down for going on two weeks– far too long to be fixed in the internet age). The complaints are not that "the world today is nothing like it used to be" — if anything, the complaints are saying "Hey, Mint, it’s 2009. Catch up to it!"

  2. S. Eberley says:

    Any business with a half-ounce of common sense would not ship an item worth several hundred dollars to someone without a signed confirmation of delivery by the intended recipient’s household. Just because the US Mint thinks the risk may be low and they are a government monopoly does not exempt them from such irresponsible behavior when it potentially exposes their customers to totally unnecessary risk, why even take the chance? The US Mint should respect people’s privacy and not gamble with the potential safety of it’s customers. There are people that live in apartment complexes for example that would not want their orders dumped at a doorstep where they can be picked up by anyone passing by. People also go on vacation and given the unreliable and unpredictable time frame in which the US Mint has been shipping the majority of their items lately it’s just asking for trouble and unnecessarily exposes their customers to having to deal with the grief of a non-receipt claim at the very least and potentially dangerous situation if the wrong individuals are drawn in the mix.

  3. Hazel says:

    Wow, Dave. What got your knickers twisted? You certainly were in old lady mode when you penned this tripe!(With, of course, abject apologies to all old ladies.)

  4. irdwxman says:

    Dave… I am shocked that you took this position… you must live on a farm. I live near NYC where anything that’s not tied gets picked up. I came home yesterday to find my UHR thrown on the sidewalk. Dave, Shame on you.

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