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Who will win?

Now that Clifford Mishler has thrown his hat in the ring to run for president of the American Numismatic Association in next year’s election, ANA members are talking about how the election might play out.

If you are one of those, you might find it worthwhile to listen to this week’s Coin Chat Radio program. I interviewed Cliff and he talked about his reasons for running against an incumbent vice president, which historically has led to the defeat of the challenger.

Cliff likes his chances against Vice President Patti Finner despite history and he cites his experience as CEO of Krause Publications and his more than half century as a collector and ANA members as reasons the ANA electorate might break their habit of standing by an orderly succession.

The interview is a part of the program that will be posted at www.coinchatradio.com at 11 a.m. Central Standard Time tomorrow.

Listen in.

Fans of the program might remember that we interviewed Patti Finner before the election campaign started on other topics, so I will have to schedule another one to catch up on events.

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  1. Walt Ostromecki says:

    The ANA voting membership will have to consider who is best equipped to work for the betterment of the Association and hobby and continue to lead the organization in an open postive forward and fiscally responsible direction in the coming two years. A president MUST remember the Association belongs to the membership, have NO hidden personal agenda and work on a personal one-on-one level with each elected Board member. There is no room for "its all about me!" It’s all about trust, too!

    The membership will have to give serious thought to the stark differences in leadership styles between the two. There are stark in how the candidates deal and work with Board members, the general public, the numismatic volunteer community and the ANA staff. There MUST be openess, honesty, courtesy, willingness to compromise on issues (be inclusive of all ideas) and move forward the ANA’s core mission –not to mention– finding new sources of revenue and developing (and sticking to) a balanced fiscal opereating budget.

    A president is the ‘voice and virtual image’ the members and public preceive of an organization. It should not be a popularity contest nor one that is viewed as an entitlement.

    The next ANA President will have to be a consesus builder, one who interacts with the membership and management, progresses the ANA forward in a positive transparent manner and establishes policies, promote greater use of on-line educational means, revise the by-laws, look to outside the hobby revenue generating sources, cut financial waste and build better comunication.

    With seven new (team)members on the 2007-09 ANA Board, much of the changes for the better the membership requested has been discussed and brought about. But, there is more to be done. It is also vital for the membership to look closely and consider the Governor candidates. These individuals will have to be of strong character, great integrity, self sacrificing with time and personal money and pro ANA team players who are not focused on "meism." This group must be concept and detail oriented with varying professional skill backgrounds that can be assets to the Association. They MUST not be those with self serving egos who strive for the limelight to be focused on them. This will, however, be the memberships greatest challenge!

    Walt Ostromecki

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