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When I am perfectly wrong

I had my hair cut last Tuesday. Talking to the woman who cuts it is always interesting.

She also is an Emergency Medical Technician with the Iola Ambulance.

We were talking about the full moon. I mentioned the kind of phone calls I get at that lunar phase. I didn’t have anything particularly in mind at the time, I was just making conversation because it was the day of the full moon.

She laughed. She knew all about that sort of thing. Apparently emergency calls spike at that time of the month also.

Some of my calls during the days that followed lived up to their full moon reputation.

One person called who wanted to talk about coin pricing in Coin Market. This in itself is not unusual. I get inquiries from time to time.

He wanted to talk about philosophy of pricing, not a typographical error he had found, or a price that seemed too low or too high.

Early in the conversation he said that everything in Coin Market was 100 percent wrong. Well, I replied that with that kind of error rate it would appear that I would not be able to help him at all.

No question that prices are always a work in progress. No question that typos can creep in. But 100 percent wrong?

There really is nothing else to talk about – until the next full moon.

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