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What do you think the price will be?

With silver at roughly $18 a troy ounce presently, what do you think a fair price would be for the Mint to charge for the upcoming silver versions of the America the Beautiful quarters?

Each coin will contain five troy ounces, or $90 worth of bullion.

It will be an unusual issue. The U.S. government has never issued five-ounce coins before.

The coin will have twice the diameter of a Morgan dollar and will be unusually thin, so thin in fact that a special new press had to be purchased in Germany to strike it.

That is new equipment, the cost of which, will have to be amortized during the coining program.

Because it is made of silver rather than gold, I think it is fair to say that on average the numbers sold each year will be higher than the numbers achieved by the First Spouse half-ounce gold coins, but considerably less than the popular collector versions of the silver American Eagle.

That’s a wide middle ground.

So what do you think? $149.95 for the proof and something less for the uncirculated? HIgher? Lower?

And how many will you be willing to buy at that price?

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8 Responses to What do you think the price will be?

  1. Philip says:

    I would love to own a set of these but think it will go out of my price range. Personally I think they should be priced at about 125.00 each at the current level of silver, and that is still too high. That is 625.00 per set per year if silver does not go up.
    At that current price it would cost 35000.00 to get all 56 coins! That is a little steep I would say.
    I think it will be interesting to see who does buy these coins.
    Philip Lo Presti

  2. Lee says:

    I thought this was by law a bullion product and would be sold through that channel (rather than pf/unc through the mint). If so, it can’t be much more than the price of bullion or its not meeting the intent of the law.

  3. Lee: According to the law the 5 ounce coin is a collectible coin and not a bullion issue.

    One of my issues with this requirement is that it puts emphasis on making money on these coins rather than making money on proof American Eagles! I would rather have the silver Eagles over this junk.

  4. Lee says:

    Here’s the law… basically it says dealer like Apmex sell it, not the mint. It does apply national parks to sell them if they’d like.


    Section 5112 of title 31, United States Code, is amended by inserting after subsection (t) (as added by title I of this Act) the following new subsection:
    `(u) Silver Bullion Investment Product-
    `(1) IN GENERAL- The Secretary shall strike and make available for sale such number of bullion coins as the Secretary determines to be appropriate that are exact duplicates of the quarter dollars issued under subsection (t), each of which shall–
    `(A) have a diameter of 3.0 inches and weigh 5.0 ounces;
    `(B) contain .999 fine silver;
    `(C) have incused into the edge the fineness and weight of the bullion coin;
    `(D) bear an inscription of the denomination of such coin, which shall be `quarter dollar’; and

    `(A) IN GENERAL- In addition to the authorized dealers utilized by the Secretary in distributing bullion coins and solely for purposes of distributing bullion coins issued under this subsection, the Director of the National Park Service, or the designee of the Director, may purchase numismatic items issued under this subsection, but only in units of no fewer than 1,000 at a time, and the Director, or the Director’s designee, may resell or repackage such numismatic items as the Director determines to be appropriate.
    `(B) RESALE- The Director of the National Park Service, or the designee of the Director, may resell, at cost and without repackaging, numismatic items acquired by the Director or such designee under subparagraph (A) to any party affiliated with any national site honored by a quarter dollar under subsection (t) for repackaging and resale by such party in the same manner and to the same extent as such party would be authorized to engage in such activities under subparagraph (A) if the party were acting as the designee of the Director under such subparagraph.’.

  5. I don’t think they will sell them so cheaply. I’m thinking they’ll be $120 if not more. Presuming that they are selling them directly to the public and not through dealers like they do with the silver eagles.

  6. john says:

    Not sure how the Mint can have such poor PR in regards to such products, which in turn leads to such bad assumtions which are then passed along.

    These are bullion products (no proofs, for now. Feel free to prove me wrong on this, not 100%)

    They will only be available through the Bullion dealer network (with exception on the NPS.)

    Price ‘should’ be close to spot ($115-$125) as such.

    The first year is going to be in limited quantitys, as they have hardly started (if they have at all) pressing them and the one machine (they had to buy from germany and send people for 3 months of training to use) has a capacity of 1,000,000 a year (seeing its August, I see no more the 500,000 this year, across all 5 versions.) Bullion SAE’s sell millions a month.

    Still no announcement of when the first batch will be sent to dealers.

  7. Todd Klimson says:

    I agree with John, price should be close to spot. For the life of me I can’t seem to grasp why the Mint would sell much higher than spot. I know they get the silver much cheaper and since all coin transactions will have to be reported in 2012, The Government knows who will own these coins and what if they recall it like FDR recalled gold in the 30’s? I’m in somewhat of a quandry buying silver from the Mint now at any price. I’ll stick to my coin hunts at the banks.

  8. Stanley Klagenberg says:

    I called the mint About the 5 oz bullion coins as to when they will be released and how and who they sell to. the lady told me they will have some info about the bullion coins in about three weeks , so stay in touch with the latest on them. its anybody guess to when and how and the price
    but it will be over 135.00 it will depend on who sells them!! if the Mint sells them to the public then the price will be over 140.00 per coin if they sell to the dealers, and the dealers sell them to the public them the price will be silver spot plus 20 percent.

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