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What are you looking for?

I began my blog more than a year ago. It is amazing how much it becomes a part of my life and how quickly, too.

Five days a week, holidays excepted, I have something posted. The topics are varied. There never seems to be a shortage of subjects. That is all to the good.

However, from time to time it is a good thing to ask the opinions of readers. I do this fairly frequently, but one thing occurs to me.

It comes not in relationship to frequency, but I do not recall that I have ever asked a completely open ended, “What topic would you like to see covered in my blog?”

My memory is not perfect, but it is good enough to give me a high enough level of confidence that I am writing this entry and asking this question now.

Here we are on the verge of a springtime weekend. My thoughts are turning toward the outdoors and to activities that have absolutely nothing to do with my desk, chair and computer in the Numismatic News office.

You can be sure when I return to the office on Monday morning that I will be all ready to go once again.

But what should I be all ready to go with? Let me know your suggestions. I will see what I can do from that point.

Am I just filling space today? You can bet on it. That doesn’t mean my request for suggestions is illegitimate. It simply means that I am already indulging in nonhobby thoughts.

It is your job to get me refocused. Make a suggestion.

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6 Responses to What are you looking for?

  1. mark says:

    i would like you to discuss authentication markers on key and semi-key coins.
    thank you very much,

  2. Scott Barman says:

    How about discussing the impact of technology on the future of the hobby? I might cover that soon on my blog coinsblog.blogspot.com (ok… it’s a shameless plug, but it is Friday! 🙂

  3. Stephen Cohen says:

    Hi Dave,
    How about a blog concerning Matte Proof Lincoln cents and any experience you’ve had with them.

  4. Al Hasham says:

    Hello Dave,
    Please advice as to which current mint products are worth collecting, considering the vast number of products released each year. For your recommendation, please assume that financial resources are not a concern (LOL). Thanks!

  5. Steve Rothgeb says:

    Howdy Y’all!
    This is my first blog-thingie I have ever posted here–so be gentle–lol!
    OK, how’s this for a topic: We learned in a recent edition of NN that our govt. lost 100 million bucks making pennies and nickles last year alone. This is amazing to me…just amazing! Someone wrote about ditching these expensive coins and coming up with a brand new 2 1/2 cent coin. I thought that was a brilliant idea…but, sad to say the polls showed most coin-ppl hated this idea–they want the penny/ nickle at any cost [apparently!]. I’m as nostalgic as the next guy, BUT–c’mon at a 100 million loss? Actually I’d take his suggestion and add the following changes: drop the half dollar from circulation as well, they are rarely used now…[I can’t even get any from my bank!]. And then, drop the $1 AND $5 bills–to be replaced with coins…good coins, with great designs! The metal used for Sags and those god-awful Prez coins is , in a word: horrible! To say the least…they don’t age well!
    –I’d like to see more of the human touch on our coins. As much as I liked the new Eagle commem-dollar–that reverse with that chain-link design around the seal looks to be computer generated…too perfect to be ‘real’. By comparison; look at some old wheaties, mercury dimes or just about any old coin…you can detect the work of an artist’s hand coming through the design and the motto’s font, the date, etc.. Not perfect, but obviously the work of a human artist.
    So, how about making pennies and nickles just for collectors? They should be made of no-less-than bronze [the penny] and a decent and appropriate metal for the nickle. Sell them at a ‘slight’ profit…Are youse with me?
    Now,,,for designs! I would love to see re-issues of the coins of our past…and they should be done for a set amount of time [5 to 10 years, maybe?], and maybe limit the production run. Can you imagine opening up the latest mint pkg with brand new Walkers, Standing Lib’s, Indian head’s, and Buffalo nickles…and for me–especially Standing Lib Qt’s! At today’s prices, few of us can own these in new, mint state condition. OK, I ‘think’ that covers it. Again, I’m all new to this so–consider that, please…

  6. Coin Update says:

    How about some recent thoughts on precious metals prices? I think you could bring some valuable long term perspective to the current situation.

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