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What’s my role with the rolls?

After mentioning for two days running my upcoming trip, I finally am on the road to Orlando for the Florida United Numismatists convention. I will get a taste of the new security procedures that have been put into place since the Christmas bombing attempt.

I try to organize my luggage in such a way as to be easily screened. I don’t always succeed.

Today I have to take some cent rolls in paper wrappers with me. The outlines that show up on x-ray scanners are such that I will put them in a top pocket of my carry-on bag so I can take them out and put them in with my keys and hope that the agents involved know change when they see it.

These aren’t BU rolls or anything of the sort, but rolls of circulated cents that we hope to use at our bourse table at the FUN show.

The odd thing is that of all the things I have carried in more than three decades of business travel, I don’t think I have ever taken rolls of coins.

I have been stopped for an examination of my bag because I have had an Ambassador Award plaque in it.

Many years ago before 9/11 I had a travel alarm clock that got the attention of security at London’s Heathrow. After that, I ditched that particular timepiece.

So, if I get a little extra attention, because of the rolls, it won’t be the first time.

Stop by the Krause table tomorrow and see if I made it without hassle.

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  1. With everything going on in the world today, I am trying to limit myself to traveling where Amtrak goes. Traveling the northeast corridor on the Acela is wonderful. Sure, the trip between DC and NYC is three hours, but what would it be to take the shuttle from National to LaGuardia then have to take a cab, limo, or bus to midtown Manhattan?

    This summer, I am thinking about taking the train to Boston for the Worlds Fair of Money. Boston is a great city and to go by train will be relaxing. Maybe I’ll book my trip now!

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