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Was your proof Eagle hunt a success?

Hunting for the proof 2010 silver American Eagle began at noon Eastern time on Friday. Buyers as expected were numerous enough to slow down the Mint’s order processing system and slow down the phone lines.

Early in the process one reader said it took him 16 minutes to enter his online order. If you ordered online, how did you do?

The Mint’s telephone lines on Friday afternoon were giving busy signals when you pressed 1 to order during the first several hours.

If you ordered the proof Eagles that way, how long did it take you to get through?
Around here, there was waiting of another sort.

It is deer hunting season in Wisconsin. It is a Thanksgiving week tradition and hunters plan their vacations accordingly. The woods, restaurants and gasoline stations are full of individuals dressed in orange.

Businesses welcome the visitors. It does slow down the rest of us, too, but it is part of the local excitement. We are used to it and we sometimes run into people we haven’t seen since the last hunting season.

This is a short business week for all of us. Regular business hours come to a halt here in the Krause Publications office on Wednesday noon. We get back to the usual routine on the following Monday.

Looking at my e-mail this morning, I would guess that many of my readers have already begun to take their time off.

I’m jealous.

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2 Responses to Was your proof Eagle hunt a success?

  1. Mark says:

    I ordered one silver proof on Friday. I signed on abut 2 minutes after noon and the process took about a half hour as I kept getting bounced out of parts of the site and had to go back in. After the order was completed, the order status showed it was suspended. I called customer service and was advised that the sale would probably be complete by late afternoon. The suspended status was only because of the high volume. Indeed, by 3:30 PM the suspended status had been removed.

    But today they have now pushed off the shipping date to December 7th. I don’t understand this. They gave us 2 months warning that the proof would go on sale on November 19th and they knew there would be a very high demand that day. Now they don’t have enough coins on hand to meet the first hours demand? Something is not right here.

  2. Jim says:

    On Fri. 11/19/10, I ordered online, but when I got to the final step the page went blank/white, so I called cust. serv. and she said it in fact had gone through but was in "suspension", and to call back in 2 hours.
    I did that but they still had no record of my order # so told me to call back Monday. They still had no record of my order on Monday (yesterday) and asked me to wait another day or two and call back again! Grrrr!! So I told her to CANCEL my first order and I gave her a new order over the phone.
    That second order has finally shown up under my account with them today which says "expected to ship on 11/26.

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