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Use the phone

Sales of Bald Eagle commemorative coins began today at noon Eastern time, but to order you must use the telephone. The Mint is migrating to another Web server and that will keep the online service down for a day or two. Telephone 1-800-USA-MINT.

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  1. Ed Ciechanowski says:

    Hi Dave,

    Well it seems that the US Mint has confused and perplexed the public again by switching providers for the internet while introducing the Bald Eagle Commorative Coin series. Of course the phone lines then get jammed and makes it all but impossible to call in and try tand order anything when you he get the dreaded "We Can Not Ansewer Your Call at This Time". (I wonder if that poor gal gets tired of saying that)

    Anyway The Mint needs a head check and either delay the switch over for providers or delay the release of the coins till after the internet provider is on line. It just fustrates the poor Coin Collector from doing anything

    I’m just wondering what we can do as a group of collectors to put the US Mint in there place Or what do we do to the Mint to prevent such incidents from occuring again. And honstly I would not accept any apologies from the Mint because they knew what was going on all the time.

    Ed Ciechanowski
    Oak Creek WI

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