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Twinkies shake my world

Say it isn’t so.

The company that produces Hostess Twinkies is going to be liquidated.

I cannot tell you the last time I bought Twinkies. I am sure it has been a good long while. But it seems like yesterday that they formed part of my childhood and my introduction to our market economy.

While I was plugging holes in my Whitman albums, the coins I didn’t need to keep I spent for things like Twinkies, soda pop and packs of baseball cards.

My first memory of the price of a two-pack of Twinkies is 12 cents. An old fashioned ice cream soda at a real drug store soda fountain was 10 cents and a pack of baseball cards with a stick of that terrible gum was a nickel.

Obviously times change. The soda fountain was ripped out of the drug store the year I turned 10.

Silver coins disappeared from circulation over the next three years and a couple of years after that I lost all interest in baseball cards (who could know that a huge baseball card hobby would thrive in the 1980s and early 1990s?)

Life and change go hand in hand.

But Twinkies on the rocks?

Even if they no longer cost just 12 cents and have greatly risen in price like everything else, their very existence is reassuring. Or it was.

I certainly can’t be a kid again, but knowing that there is at least one treat that crosses the generations helps keep my memories alive.

I expect somebody will save the brand and buy it out of bankruptcy and it will go on. But even the hint of a possibility that Twinkies could disappear makes it just me and my coins.

Fortunately, numismatics is still there for me.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

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5 Responses to Twinkies shake my world

  1. hrlaser says:

    I get ill when I think about what baseball cards I had as a kid in the mid-1950s, that came in that pack of horrible, flat, pink gum.. we used to take a wooden clothespin, and pin the cards to the spokes of our bicycle wheels, so when riding the bike, it’d make a bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz sound.. kind of a kid’s attempt to make his bike sound like a motorcycle.. good grief, in that era, I could’ve had Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and who knows what other legends’ cards, they might’ve even been rookie cards, destroyed by the spokes of my bicycle(s).. cards that, had I kept them, would be worth very serious money these days.. those were the days when roller skates were 100% metal, and you’d slip them on over your Keds, and tighten them with a huge, metal key.. and, I swear I’m not making this up – I have an old pal in Utah who has a still-wrapped pair of Twinkies that’s at least fifteen years old.. he’s watching (not all day.. but you know what I mean).. them morph into some kind of alien life form.. he calls it a science experiment.. they probably turned to poison long ago.. me, I was never that into Twinkies, except the ones with the pink filling, and the icing on them.. I was more into Ding Dongs, but if I dis-remember incorrectly, those didn’t show up in stores until much later.. I probably haven’t eaten a Twinkie for twenty years.. it’s sad to see another good old childhood tradition vanish into the mists of history..

  2. princeofwaldo says:

    Let’s just suppose for a minute that Twinkies really are gone for good. How long before your friend in Utah can submit his 15 year-old package of Twinkies for authentication and grading? Is there location information on the package as to which Hostess bakery produced the Twinkies?

  3. schnauzer says:

    I just looked on EBAY and found one seller who is putting up for auction, three boxes of unopened Twinkies. That’s 10 Twinkies per box for a total of 30. Twelve hours to go before the auction ends. There have been 21 bids and the price is up to $117.00. Wow.

  4. schnauzer says:

    TWINKIE UPDATE. The above mentioned auction ended at 41 bids. Winning (?) bidder got them for $310.00. I wonder if Dansco makes an album for Twinkie collectors. Hey, that gives me an idea!

  5. Tom Snyder says:

    Isn’t it amazing the kind of subject that will make readers of this blog spring into action?
    Does anybody collect coins? Perhaps you could freeze dry the twinkies and auction them
    on eBay in 5 years, turning them into real gold.

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