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Turn out the lights on National Coin Week?

Is it time to abolish National Coin Week? You might think so if answers to a recent poll question are any guide.

The event that inspires national and local proclamations in support of organized numismatics has been a hobby staple for about twice as many years as I have been an active collector.

But does it do any good?

The weekly poll question that appears in Numismatic News and its companion e-mailed newsletter teaches me a lot. It helps to show what’s on the minds of readers and how strongly they feel about things. It is not a scientific poll, but I think it is useful nevertheless.

With some polls I receive a lot of yes or no responses. Those topics readers have an opinion on, but they are not passionate about them one way or the other.

The more written responses that I get that include lengthy explanations, the more I know that readers are passionate about a topic.

For the poll where I asked, “Will you be involved in any activities to observe National Coin Week?” I received precisely one written response.

My congratulations go to Robert R. Maisch of the Bridge City Coin and Stamp Club in Mobridge, S.D.

There is no prize, but to Mr. Maisch might go the responsibility of turning out the lights on a long-standing hobby tradition that might have outlived its usefulness.

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One Response to Turn out the lights on National Coin Week?

  1. Agreed! My local club tried the quarter drop a few years ago. I think it was in 2005. We had stickers we attached to quarters (we used Maryland quarters since we are in Maryland) and dropped 20 quarter throughout the county. The finder was to go to money.org and look up a local club. The first responder was to get a Quarters Silver Proof set. We had no responses.

    Unless there is something compelling the organizers can bring to the table for National Coin Week, it is time to allow it to drift off into the sunset.

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