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I still can’t find new coins in change

A 2017-D nickel is in my pocket.

It is the only thing I have to show for looking at my change over the weekend.

I was traveling for Memorial Day.

That is not unusual. Many Americans were.

I had hoped that that I might receive some coins of the current year.

Each shiny coppery cent I received I eagerly checked.

No mintmarked Philadelphia cent of 2017 came my way.

I did not even receive one from Denver.

I have been looking for the new cent since January.

That is when it became known that the Mint was putting a “P” mintmark on the 2017 Philadelphia cent.

It was done to mark the 225th anniversary of the founding of the Mother Mint.

The most interesting coin I found was one that caused me to think about my past.

It was a 1965 cent.

As common as it is, it did not seem common at the time I was looking to fill my Whitman cent album.

Then it was more likely that I would encounter a 1964-D cent, or a 1964 plain.

I looked up the mintages to refresh my memory.

The 1964-D has a mintage well over double that of the 1965.

It is 3.8 billion pieces.

The 1964 mintage is 2.7 billion pieces.

The 1965 comes in at 1.5 billion cents.

That 1965 output number is the combined total of Denver and Philadelphia.

No mintmarks were put on coins dated 1965, 1966 or 1967.

No wonder it seemed relatively hard to find a 1965 among all the 1964-dated change.

When I spotted the 1965 cent over the weekend, I felt a twinge of nostalgia.

I had come up with absolutely nothing dated 2017 for all my efforts.

Wait a minute.

I wrote that I have a 2017-D nickel in my pocket.

I do.

At my mother’s, she happened to mention that she had received some junk mail with a nickel in it.

She handed it to me.

It has the new date.

Does that count as a find?

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

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4 Responses to I still can’t find new coins in change

  1. tlehmer says:

    I had to laugh when reading this tale because exactly the same thing happened to me over the holiday weekend. Except it was my 89 year old mother who gave me junk mail with two 2017 P cents attached. It is the first I have seen any of these although there will surely be many of the pennies in circulation.

  2. Erik Soderstrom says:

    Hello from Connecticut. Finally I find myself lucky in Coin hunting due to my geographic location. It wasn’t until the end Of March until I saw my first 2017 Philadelphia mint Mark penny. Since then I have received quite a few in change through fast food or Dunkin’ Donuts drive-through’s. I did spring $3.50 for a roll of 2017 p pennies at a coin show at the end of March. Since that time I did run into a rather odd way of receiving unopened uncirculated rolls of the 2017 P elusive penny. As I have learned many tips tricks in plain common sense advice from many a collector online as well as in person I’m going to share Would have stumbled upon

    • Erik Soderstrom says:

      Pardon the interruption I did not mean to and the post there. So I noticed that every time I would stop at McDonald’s I would receive the Philadelphia 2007 pennies in my change. With noticing this the next time I went through the drive-through I asked the girl if she had a roll of pennies that I could have included in my change. Lo and behold it was an uncirculated roll of said pennies. I was amazed and thought I just was lucky except for the fact that the next time I went through the drive-through I asked again. And wouldn’t you know again A roll of uncirculated 2017 P pennies. I repeated this process five times now and as of now I am five out of five . Now granted this has been the same local McDonald’s but I think we’re far enough into the year that most places that are receiving bank rapped rolls Will be the 2017 rolls. I hope this helps anyone in their hunt for these Philadelphia pennies. Either way would be great to hear how people make out on the hunt and how many people are actually out there hunting. Thank you Dave as I enjoy the articles that you write on a regular basis. Sincerely a fellow collector Erik Soderstrom .

  3. I have not had a problem and I will tell you why. The banks have them. There still giving out 2016 rolls. I live fifteen minutes by car from the N.Y. Federal Reserve Bank. That’s why we in the N.Y. area don’t have a problem. Your the one who said they cut down in production. So I don’t understand what your saying.

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