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Something is better than nothing

Writing is a bit slow this morning. The spinning wheel of death on my computer keeps me moving at a snail’s pace and I have been bounced off the server once.

Sometimes the whims of computers become the story itself despite my best efforts. Today is one of those days.

Perhaps fate is keeping me from writing about gold, now up to around $940 a troy ounce.

Perhaps it is keeping me from writing about the Chicago Paper Money Expo, opening today in Chicago and attended by colleagues.

Perhaps it is time for another plug for www.coinchatradio.com.

Who knows?

Or perhaps circumstances are simply pushing me to recognize that today is Friday and there are bigger things to dig into than my daily blog.

I will post this and know that there is at least something to be read when I get bounced off the server again.

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One Response to Something is better than nothing

  1. Dave, I live with computer woes daily. In my real life, I work with these things and figure out how government agencies can best use them to solve their missions. My world revolves around risk and failure to mitigate those risks because someone or something broke a program, system, or network.

    Computers are not like coin collecting where a coin will fit in the hole of an album or folder. I would say that computers are closer to early coins that may be of the right size or a little bigger or a little smaller that do not fit the hole you want to put them into. Sometimes you can force fit the coin into the hole; sometimes you cannot!

    When computers work, they are a marvel of man’s invention. When they do not work, I am reminded of the picture of the duck standing over his computer with a sledge hammer with the caption, "press any key to continue."

    In any case, it is Friday and the temperature is going up to 60 degrees in your nation’s capital. Maybe congress is only in a short session or the temperature would be higher!! 🙂

    Have a good weekend!!

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