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Scout coins connect with buyers

Will it or won’t it sell out?

I am still waiting for word that the Boy Scout commemorative silver dollar has sold out.

It hasn’t happened yet.

The latest weekly figures showed that collectors bought another 22,261 of the coins. That is almost the same number as the 23,875 sold the prior week.

The Mint still has 37,347 left to sell, so in less than two weeks they should all be gone.

That would make the elapsed time about five weeks. That’s not bad. Certainly it doesn’t compare to the sell out in  hours of the first three First Spouse gold coins, but then collectors were just as quick to dump the First Spouse coins on the secondary market or even as bullion.

There is no emotional connection, or at least this is much less an emotional connection to the First Spouse coins as the Boy Scout coins.

I can see Boy Scout coins being handed down from one generation to the next much as Scouting itself is. From that perspective, five weeks is the blink of an eye.

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    One Response to Scout coins connect with buyers

    1. Encore 7148 says:

      When you consider the future scouts and venturers yet unknown, this should be a real treasured collectible. Troops in my area bought multiple sets for fundrasing and as awards. Those will never see the secondary market.

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