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Rest in peace, hobby friend

Stearns2007.jpgThere was sad news in my e-mail when I got back to the office after a long Labor Day weekend. Radford Stearns died on Sunday.

He was a member of the board of governors of the American Numismatic Association elected in 2007 to clean house.

Unfortunately, he had two struggles. The first was the political one. The second was his health. He was suffering from leukemia and he struggled hard against it.

Stearns was a collector’s collector. He not only collected things like Georgia Colonial paper money, but he also shared what he knew by giving talks and building award-winning exhibits.

He served as chairman of the 1987 ANA convention in Atlanta.

His understanding of the hobby was built from the ground up. He had a sense of humor that I enjoyed.

I was especially grateful for his willingness last year to be photographed by a room sign at the Milwaukee ANA convention. After election results showed that three members of the new board would be from Iola, Wis., I thought it was funny that the board was meeting in Room 101A, which looked suspiciously like Iola. He got the joke immediately when I showed it to him and I had a wonderful photograph for Numismatic News.

I am sure he would be the first to say that his work at ANA was not yet finished, but when you consider his entire hobby career, he has done more than most and he has earned his eternal rest.

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2 Responses to Rest in peace, hobby friend

  1. Scott in DC says:

    I met Radford Sterns at the ANA National Money Show in Charlotte last year. When I discovered that he was a collector of Georgia Colonial money, I asked a few questions. We got into history of Georgia and discussed history of north Georgia, where I spent a few years at the University of Georgia. He was very knowledgeable and fun to talk with. Radford will be missed by the hobby that was proud to have him as a member.

  2. Michael Doran says:

    Dave – I must concur with you that Radford’s work at ANA was not yet finished. He was a true gem in this hobby. And my deepest of sympathies goes out to the Stearns family in their time of loss. I met Radford at Central States in St. Louis last year which during that time I, like him, was running for the ANA board. I gave him my vote because what is there not to like about this guy. Our hobby has lost one of its good guys. Rest in peace, Radford – rest in peace.

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