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Platinum unc. Eagle sales creep ahead

The new platinum numbers were released by the Mint. Drum roll please.

The one-ounce 2008 uncirculated “W” platinum American Eagle saw sales rise by 67 coins to 393. It sounds more exciting if I write that total cumulative sales rose by 20 percent.

There was an increase of 33 coins for the half-ounce size, taking the total to 802.

For the quarter ounce, the increase was smaller still, just 23 coins. The total stands at 2,138.

For the much-watched tenth ounce, the Mint actually reduced the total that has been sold by 38 coins to 2,500 even.

Interestingly, the increase in the four-coin set was the largest individual number at 138, bringing the total cumulative sales to 1,191 sets.

Adding up all of the issue prices we get sales of $415,571.95 for the week. If we subtract the backward March of the tenth ounce, the net total sales for the past week amounts to $410,443.85.

In an age of $700 billion bank bailouts, that number seems rather small.

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2 Responses to Platinum unc. Eagle sales creep ahead

  1. Dan says:

    Some online chatter calls into question the accuracy of the reported $25 w uncirculated platinum sales figures. From a logical perspective, it doesn’t make much sense that the Mint would produce fewer $10s than $25s, when historically the sales figures for $10s runs much higher. Similarly, the jump in reported sales from Oct. 20 to Oct. 26 was unusually high. Of course, it’s possible that the Oct. 20 sales numbers were erroneously low and that the Oct. 26 sales included an upward revision. But given past experience, it does seem possible that the $25 reported sales figures could prove to be inaccurate. It would be interesting if someone with actual knowledge weighed in on this.

  2. Kevin says:

    Where do you get the US Mint mintage numbers? The numbers you are quoting are for the uncirculated coins, correct? How do the mintages of the slightly more expensive proof coins compare? Thanks.

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