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Pat on the back for readers

Kudos and thanks to the readers of my blog who post their opinions and observations.

Some comments from last Monday’s blog were the earliest indications I had that something was amiss with the ordering process at the U.S. Mint for the proof silver American Eagles.

By Nov. 24, the Mint said that 2,200 online orders had been deleted and that the Mint was trying to contact the individuals who placed them to ask them to resubmit them – this time by telephone.

Apology aside, the Mint tried to make amends by vaulting these collectors to the head of the distribution line with their newly resubmitted purchases. Next day delivery was thrown into the deal as well.

By the time I had gone home at midday last Wednesday to start the Thanksgiving holiday, I had been able to post the problem here and amend the Numismatic News issue that was just about to go to press later that day.

Blogs really are team efforts. If you needed proof, here it is.

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