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Order limits on baseball coins

At the 11th hour the Mint has decided to place order limits on tomorrow’s debut of the National Baseball Hall of Fame commemoratives.

Telephone response levels to a mailed brochure prompted this.

The sale and marketing department expected to receive 2,100 calls about the coins on Monday as collectors around the nation received their brochures in the mail.

Instead, the Mint received 5,400 calls.

The limits will be 50 each for proof and uncirculated $5 gold pieces, 100 each for proof and uncirculated silver dollars and 100 each for the proof and uncirculated clad half dollars.

Order taking will begin tomorrow at noon Eastern Daylight time on the Mint’s website and by telephone.

Are they necessary?

Let’s see what tomorow brings. Then we can decide.

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One Response to Order limits on baseball coins

  1. Numi613 says:

    Pretty Wild! I think that finally the Mint has hit a HomeRun! Pun intended! Let’s see if their website and call center can handle all of the traffic and flyballs that will be coing their way. I suppose the mint thinks though that they will reach their minting limits otherwise that quickly? Not sure if that woudl be the case? Are the large dealers or the US Mint’s Authorized purchasers also subject to these purchasing restrictions. I mean i cannot imagine that the average Joe collector will purchase more than say 10 of these coins! With most folks less than 5? maybe ai am missing something, but the average Joe doesnt have that kind of spare cash laying around for significant purchase here of $50 a pop fly!

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