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New year, new cent, new attitude?

Whenever Numismatic News does a weekly poll question about cents, the level of response soars. Collectors not only have strong opinions about the denomination, they are eager to share them.

With the arrival of 2010, the primary focus of collectors who are interested in cents shifts to the new Shield design planned for this year. What feelings will they have about the new coin?

In a normal year, I would likely see the new cent in my change at the Florida United Numismatists convention, which I will go to tomorrow.

This is not a normal year and that is not going to happen. The question is how long we as a hobby will wait to see the new Shield design in our hands.

I don’t have much to go on at this point. Early word from the Mint is that there are tentative plans to do something Feb. 11 in Springfield, Ill., to officially mark the new cent’s debut.

It is my hope that plans come together to mark this occasion. Historically, it is an important one. The new design will likely be used for however long the cent remains in current use. It should have an appropriate recognition.

Collectors will use such an event as an historical milepost. No coin seems to influence their attitudes more than the cent and a ceremony will nudge these attitudes in a positive direction. When collectors find 2010 cents in change, attitudes will be nudged further. Collector attitudes toward the new cent also will shape their opinions of the U.S. Mint as an institution.

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  1. Jerome Curtis Watts says:

    I’m excited about the introduction of a new Lincoln cent. Not so much for the "shield reverse"…but we are living in exciting times…we now have a completed series for the "Memorial" reverse. Some day in the future collectors will lament noting being able to find coins like the 1968S in their change. Other collectors will regret not building a circulated roll set when they had the chance. Some people will remember when they could have taken a "copper" cent out of circulation for face value. Some people will remember that in the 23Jun09 issue of Numismatic News, Wayne Pearson pointed out that copper-zinc cents will corrode in 10-15 years – so in the year 2025 there are no high grade cents in circulation. Preparing for your future started yesterday!

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