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New Miss Liberty $100 gold coin arrives today

Got a spare $1,640?

The Mint hopes so.

It has a goal of extracting $164 million from the collector coin field.

Can it do so?

We will find out starting at noon Eastern Daylight Time today when the American Liberty 225th Anniversary one-ounce gold coin goes on sale.

It features the allegorical figure of Miss Liberty as an African-American woman on obverse and an eagle in flight on the reverse.

It has a face value of $100.

There is no order limit.

One person could order the entire supply. But only a Bill Gates or Warren Buffett are likely to have such sums available on a whim.

The press release offers an insight as to how Mint officials think.

It is not like coin collectors.

In fact, it defies logic.

By allowing the theoretical prospect of one buyer acquiring the entire 100,000 coin supply, the Mint says this:

“To maximize availability of this historic coin to the public, the Mint is not imposing a household order limit.”

Anyone wondering why there were no order limits on the Congratulations Set on Tuesday will be happy to know that this is how the Mint thinks it is maximizing availability.

That’s why groups of 10 Congratulations Sets were being offered on eBay less than 24 hours after the two-minute sellout for double issue price.

The Mint is maximizing the availability of the set to the public.

However, 100,000 gold coins that cost $1,640 each are much less likely to sell out.

To buy the entire Congratulations Set issue required only $4,121,250.

The $164 million figure is almost 40 times that sum.

It is not likely to be reached.

With $164 million you could have purchased every single one of the three Centennial gold coins that have been sold to this point and still have around $40 million left.

The Liberty design for this year is brand new and does not have the same connection to the collector sense of nostalgia that the familiar Mercury dime, Standing Liberty quarter and Walking Liberty half dollar designs have.

These three 2016 designs motivated collectors to dig deeply into their pockets.

How deep will collectors dig for the 2017 American Liberty?

Even if they spend more money on this coin than they did on the most expensive of the Centennial coins, sales cannot reach 40,000.

I will give the issue the benefit of the doubt and say 40,000 pieces tops.

What do you think?

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

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4 Responses to New Miss Liberty $100 gold coin arrives today

  1. I personally do not believe this beautiful coin will sell out the first day. Eventually it will. I believe there are design problems . The stars around liberty’s head look like Ninja weapons. Why so big? The reverse the whole eagle is not on the coin. If I’m spending that amount of money I want it right. I want to see the full beautiful eagle. I don’t want to see stars almost bigger than liberty’s head. I believe the proportions are off it doesn’t give the eye catching look one looks for in a coin. And the mintages is only a hundred thousand. The secondary market will get their greedy hands on them and only the Lord knows what price they will be. I f you want it buy it from the mint. That will be your best price. Only my opinion. Mike

  2. Well it’s Monday morning. The big coin is still for sale from the mint. Funny. No. Boy’s Town didn’t sell out either. Does anyone see a pattern developing. I do. New gold coins don’t sell like they used to. Why? I think they make to many. They have to make our bullion gold coins. They make a gold coin at the drop of a hat. Anniversary coins like last years trio. You can still buy them. You will still be able to buy this one for years to come. There has to be more planning when it comes to gold coins. A lot more. The design like I said the other day is not eye catching. Those stars , the eagle. Out of proportion. To those who bought them enjoy them that’s what it’s about. You buy a coin because you like it. There is nothing wrong with that. That’s why we collect. As far as what I said that’s just an opinion. Mike

  3. This will be my last comment on the new gold coin. A salesman called me an offered it to me for 5000.00. Why that much. Well it’s signed first of all. It comes with a letter from the deputy director of the mint. In the letter he tells why the stars are so big and describes the obverse and reverse. The problem. This should of been realised before the coin went on sale. Collectors would of had a better understanding of the design. He did agree that the tail feathers were a problem. So I say go buy it. This coin stands for all of us and research the design you will be surprised. But don’t pay five thousand for it.
    It stands for liberty freedom and it is beautiful once you understand. Buy it from the mint otherwise you will pay a lot more later but buy it. My opinion Mike.

  4. Well it’s Easter Sunday. Happy Easter to all that observe. Everyone else enjoy the day. Let’s look at this coin. How come no articles from Mr. Harper about it. Just the one. There is a problem with this coin and everyone knows the real reason and it’s not he stars. The salesman who offered the coin for 5000.00 also told me he had to hang up on two buyers. They weren’t buyers. What trash and filth came out of there mouth told the real reason and it makes me sick. The good old boys new this coin didn’t have a chance. One predicted forty thousand. This whole thing is ugly. America first home of the free. Somehow it just doesn’t sound right. And that’s not my opinion. That’s a fact.

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