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Monday distractions start week

It is Monday only more so. The e-mail spam filter here seems once again to be giving us trouble. This time, the amount of spam has exploded.

When I signed in this morning, the numbers of e-mails in the in box were counting upwards like a clock. Of course, the numbers went beyong the 59 seconds that a clock would be ticking off.

I did my morning check of gold and see it has risen. The dollar has risen also. That is something you do not see very often. The world’s financial markets are shaky, but my computer seems shakier. The editorial program crashed, so I think I will post this before everything shuts down.

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One Response to Monday distractions start week

  1. I feel your pain! I have been having problems getting and keeping a remote connection to my office all morning. I just found out that the security systems that protect our gateways on the Internet crashed twice today. And on of our customers cannot be contacted on the Internet even though their systems are up. We suspect routing issues.

    Those of us who do this for a living are also affected by the Monday blahs. I hope yours gets better!

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