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Too many enhanced uncirculated sets?

Sales began again this morning for the 225th Anniversary Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set.

It sold out online in minutes on Tuesday.

One disappointed would-be buyer was able to make a purchase this morning.

His email to me from two days ago finished with the line “I am finished buying coins from the U.S. Mint.”

This morning he bought three enhanced uncirculated sets.

I appreciate his email to me this morning to tell me he is once again a Mint customer.



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  1. At 12:07 I was told there was no more. However click on the remind me key. I did that. On the third I received an email from the mint to order. I did. It went through. Now I was told a large order was cancelled. The I received a phone call from a company and they said they were taking pre-orders on sets from Denver. When I spoke to the mint all they would say is the sets will have a San Francisco mint mark. She would not deny that sets were made in Denver. This company is respected why would they deceive me. They never have before. Also they would not tell me how many sets were left. So you tell us what’s going on. We can’t get a straightforward answer from the mint. Everyone there has a different answer. I believe they sold out and a large order was cancelled. I also believe sets were made in Denver. Mike

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