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Let’s play guess the price – again

We still don’t know how much the five-coin 25th anniversary silver American Eagle set will cost when the U.S. Mint puts it on sale Oct. 27.

While we wait anticipation builds among potential buyers of the 100,000 sets.

Apparently this anticipation includes rooting around in the Mint’s website to find an early clue.

I had a call from the Mint yesterday to tell me that a price located in the Mint’s price index was not correct.

I had not seen it, but somebody must have to get the Mint to act this way.

The price listed was $229.

Now I don’t claim to be the  brightest bulb in the pack, but even I can see that a price for five coins of $229 is out of line on the low side.

The current uncirculated 2011-W, which is the cheapest version on the Mint’s website, costs $50.95.

The regular proof costs $58.95, so what’s a reverse proof likely to cost?

The S-mint Eagle will likely be as much as the W, and were it to be offered individually (not planned) collectors would probably pay a bit more for it because of the mintmark.

So at minimum, the four coins would be $219.80. Then you have to add in the cost for a generic bullion 2011 Eagle. Silver is $32 an ounce. Call it $35 and you get $254.80 plus the cost of the package and shipment.

I took a shot at guessing the price in my Oct. 13 blog post. I said $289.95.

Still seems reasonable to me.

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One Response to Let’s play guess the price – again

  1. wjregan says:

    Dave, you and I think alike, I also came up with a price guess of $289.95; we all know how much all businesses like that $0.95, that way we know everyone has at least a nickle in their pocket :).
    Even if our price is spot on, I will be getting at least 1 set; keep on buzzing.

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