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Interest in state quarters expressed

Rolls of uncirculated state quarters are still grabbing the interest of average collectors almost two years after the conclusion of the 10-year program.
How do I know this?

Well, in this case, I just had a one-telephone-call poll.

The caller noticed that the new list of state quarter rolls in the monthly Coin Market price guide somehow omitted the uncirculated Pennsylvania rolls.

Whether the omission is a computer glitch or some sort of input error, I do not know at this point, but it is always useful when sharp-eyed readers point things like this out.

The quicker the response comes to something like this, the higher the level of interest is in what is being covered.

I also had an e-mail from a hobbyist about Young Collector Sets that were created by the U.S. Mint for various commemorative programs.

In this case, the price guide simply does not cover them.

Maybe it should.

What do you think?

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