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I don’t do windows

I value my reputation as a helpful and friendly editor of Numismatic News.

However, I can only go so far.

I had a telephone call the other day from a reader. He wondered if I could help him.

In that split second of wondering what the call might be, I simply replied, “I’ll do my best.”

He then asked, “Do you have the phone number of the Wall Street Journal?”

I surprised myself by the rapidity of my response.

“No I don’t,” I replied.

“Do you know how I might get it?”

I suggested looking for it online or calling the reference desk of his local library.

He said thanks and good-bye.

I’m afraid my helpfulness can go only so far.

I hope readers find useful information in each weekly issue of Numismatic News. I hope they use Coin Digest or North American Coins and Prices when they are looking for information about U.S. coins.

I will do my best to answer questions related to these products and the coin hobby.

However, if you need your car washed or a gallon of milk, I hope you will think of somebody else to call.

Also, today is our parent company, F+W Media’s Customer Appreciation Day. To say thank you, we are offering 15% off and free U.S. shipping, today only at our online store, ShopNumisMaster.com. Simply use Promo Code THANKU at checkout.

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One Response to I don’t do windows

  1. Tom Snyder says:

    I hope you’re writing this stuff down. The humor book royalties will help your retirement years
    quite nicely.

    We got one recently. “I used my last check, can I get a dozen while I wait.”
    Ans. Lady call your bank.

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