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Have a good day

I didn’t have to pay the new $15 first bag fee that American Airlines will be imposing soon. I feel lucky. However, this is just a temporary bit of good fortune.

I sympathize with the pain of high fuel prices. We all feel it every time we fuel up at a gas station.

However, the idea of trying to offset it with a bag charge seems to be like a restaurant charging extra for a knife and fork. It is something you don’t expect an additional charge for.

I do a lot of traveling, though not enough on American to avoid the domestic bag charge, and I imagine in future the overhead bins will be overfilled by people trying to avoid it.

Why don’t they just call it the “Saudi Arabia wishes you a good day charge?” That seems more logical.

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  1. Doug says:

    Poor Saudis are catching heck from all sides these days. Even in numismatic publications. Most Americans don’t realize that the US imports over one and half times the amount of oil from Canada that it does from the second largest exporter, Saudi Arabia.

    In future, that gap may widen, since Canada’s oil reserves are several times those of OPEC and the entire Persian Gulf states.

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