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Good thing some were at their computers

The business week begins. Thanks to the wonders of computer automation, I have a large number of e-mail responses to our weekly poll question.

Recipients were asked whether they had seen the fourth Lincoln cent of 2009 in their change yet. The e-newsletter also reported that the Philadelphia version was much harder to find than the Denver version.

A surprising number of respondents wrote on Christmas Day, the same day the e-newsletter was sent out.

However, everyone associated with that particular issue of the e-newsletter were home with their families or marking the holiday in their own way. In other words, they were anywhere but here.

Even though I did not spend any time on Christmas Day on the computer, now that it is Monday morning, I am glad others did. The messages give my day a running start.

They range from readers who have seen all four of the designs to those who have yet to get their first one in change.

Distribution of the new Lincolns has gotten better as the year has gone on, but it is still far from perfect.

Thanks to all readers whose responses provide the latest snapshot of 2009 cent availability.

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2 Responses to Good thing some were at their computers

  1. Brad says:

    There are a couple of banks here in Southern Illinois that always received the 2009 pennies. One of them is always very nice to me and allows me to buy full, unopened $25 boxes (sometimes 3 or even 4 boxes per design over a matter of weeks.) The other bank imposes a $2 limit per customer per visit. Unfortunately for me, the bank that received the "P" Mint of the Presidency design is the one that has the $2 limit. The bank that sells me full boxes got the "D" Mint. I found it strange that as of late both the "P" and "D" coins have been showing up here, as usually we only receive one or the other (and they are almost ALWAYS "D".) However, I received both Mints in the Virgin Islands quarters, and nothing but Philadelphia for the Northern Mariana Islands quarters.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though. It has definitely been a strange year for coins all-around.

  2. Mark Johnson says:

    I received a Denver example of the fourth 2009 Lincoln cent reverse design in change today. I’m looking forward to the new design, 50 years of the Lincoln Memorial is enough!

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