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Fearless or foolish?

News from Japan and its crippled nuclear power plants seems to be getting worse and worse. There are reports that traces of radiation have made it into such things as milk from the Pacific Northwest.

This, of course, is of great concern to everyone.

However, this kind of news triggered a stray thought.

When Russia was still the Soviet Union, it was a big gold producer. One of the characteristics of Russian gold that came on the market was traces of radiation, which as I recollect was due to the methods the Soviets sometimes employed to mine the metal at the time.

The funny thing, though, is that I don’t recall anyone ever being afraid to buy the gold once it was mined and shipped to the West.

Why was that?

Gold buyers don’t know any better, or are they fearless?

While you are thinking about that, I can report that I began my day in the dentist’s chair for the prep work needed to increase my own gold supply to be stored in a back tooth.

You can’t say I’m not doing my part to keep gold’s price at record levels.

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2 Responses to Fearless or foolish?

  1. John Ryan says:

    A gold filling sure beats a root canal any day!

  2. I thought they stopped using gold a long time ago. Granted, I am not experienced in this area–one cavity in 51 years and that was 30 years ago–but the stuff my wife gets is not silver, gold, or any other precious metals.

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