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Expanding gold coin demand?

Over the weekend I was reading through my weekly copy of The Economist magazine. Toward the back I came upon an ad that surprised me.

The product that was advertised was the Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens $20 gold piece that was introduced in January to much collector eagerness.

It was a rich looking color ad that showed the depth of design to its best advantage.
I am sure the ad was not cheap. If enough magazine readers order it, it will be money well spent. If not, it was a waste.

While I am not privy to being able to monitor the results of a single Mint ad in a individual issue of a magazine, as someone who follows the weekly sales numbers of the U.S. Mint I can perhaps make an educated guess about its effectiveness.

We’ll see.

What I can surmise now is that this ad is probably another sign that the world’s coin blank fabricators are catching up with demand and the Mint can begin again to drum up extra gold coin business without fearing that it will fall behind demand as it did last year.

The great question, of course, is that once potential gold coin buyers realize that they can have all they want, will they want any at all?

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2 Responses to Expanding gold coin demand?

  1. Larry Cullen says:

    Hi, Dave,
    It would help to know who placed the ad for the UHRs; was it the Mint or an outside company? Thanks, Larry

  2. Brad says:

    I took it to mean it was an ad placed by the U.S. Mint. Otherwise it wouldn’t seem to have anything to do with them or their ability to make and sell gold coins. An outside company would be advertising coins for sale on the secondary market, so it would have nothing to do with the Mint at that point. That is, at least until said company tried to order more coins from the Mint to replace those they already sold.

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