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Did I make it to FUN?

I am here in Orlando, Fla. Four Numismatic News staffers set out for the Florida United Numismatists convention on three separate flights. Before we had even left the office Tuesday night, Sue Konkel was already trying to make alternative arrangements for a Wednesday flight that was cancelled many hours ahead of time.

Travel in the winter from central Wisconsin through Chicago is always an adventure. My Dec. 1 transit was delayed to Dec. 2 by an early snow storm. Don’t get me wrong. I would rather be safe than sorry, but the best outcome is to get to FUN with minimal problems and delays.

Well. I made it. Now I just have to worry about getting home on Sunday.

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  1. Claud Murphy says:

    We were glad to see you there Dave. Have you written anything here about the town hall meeting conducted by ANA? We are just home from FL ourselves, having stopped to visit family.

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