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Coin of the Year time

The nominating panel for the Coin of the Year Awards meets next month here in Iola, Wis. It will review submissions of 2008-dated coins for consideration for the awards that will be given at the World Money Fair in January 2010 in Berlin, Germany.

It is an interesting process, but in the first instance it requires that individuals and issuing mints make nominations and get them to us here at the home of World Coin News, the sponsor of the awards since they were first given in 1984.
Lisa Bellavin is coordinating these submissions for the panel. Her e-mail is Lisa.Bellavin@fwmedia.com.

Anyone can make a nomination in any form, but to be truly useful to the panel, please try to include an image if you can and as much of the descriptive information as possible: denomination, weight, composition, diameter, etc.
The fun part, of course, will occur when voting begins online for the People’s Choice Award.

But first, help us to assemble the list of choices.

Send in your nominations.

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