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Clean sweep for anti-incumbents

It was a clean sweep for the anti-incumbent slate in a tension-filled election campaign to select the 2007-2009 American Numismatic Association board of governors.

The results were announced July 25.

Voted into office were seven newcomers led by veteran hobby publisher Clifford Mishler, followed by Chester L. Krause, Edward C. Rochette, Joseph E. Boling, Radford Stearns, Walter Ostromecki and Wendell Wolka.

Even before the results were released, it was known that Barry Stuppler would be president and Patti Jagger Finner would be vice president. The two ran unopposed after the anti-incumbent faction failed to field candidates.

That left the battle to be fought over the seven governor’s chairs.

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One Response to Clean sweep for anti-incumbents

  1. Walter Ostromecki, I still don’t know why he was booted off the Governors Board the first time around. I know Walter to be an honest and honorable man of sterling character. I have assisted him with his postal needs at the Panorama City Post Office. Walter, here is your chance, don’t let the membership down. Fight for us little guys. In times of controversy, take the matter before our Heavenly Father who will lead you to the right decision.

    Before closing I would like to mention the fact that in the next five (5) years it will be the 200th anniversary of the Second War for American Independence, known as the War of 1812, Maybe ANA can get Congress to prepare for the bicentennial with several coins dedicated to that period of American History. It would also be nice if the British, Canadians and American would work together for a joint coinage for that time. It was the war that finally gave America its true Independence and a 200 year peace between the warring nations.

    Congratulations on your election, and best wishes,

    Dennis W. Simpson, District Deputy President General (Pacific)
    General Society of the War of 1812

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