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Busy, busy, busy

Gold and silver price movements have begun to make price guide publishers like us pull our hair out. Just as we get everything repriced, there they go again, and all prices need to be changed.

That we are falling down on the job occasionally has brought the occasional jibe from a reader.

These jibes are usually pointed at the 40-page monthly pride guide published in the first issue of each month in Numismatic News, which more than once has become obsolete as soon as we printed it.

That’s one reason why we run four pages of Coin Market at a Glance every week. It helps readers stay more current between the appearance of the monthly guide and it helps readers to spot trends that may be of interest to them.

Someday gold and silver might stay still for a while. All prices in the monthly Coin Market will be perfect.

At such a point in time, I know I won’t receive any e-mails saying thanks. I wouldn’t expect such. What I will be getting, though, will be comments about when readers think the next uptick in bullion prices will occur.

It might be too much to say that readers will miss getting outdated monthly prices, but they will miss the profits that these prices usually stand for.

And, as problems go, this is one that I enjoy to attempt to solve.

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  1. Don’t feel to bad Dealers are constantly having to change their prices.

    It is rough when people come in for the Silver Eagles and they can’t believe the prices.

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