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Buffalo gold arrives July 22

How many U.S. gold coins can coin collectors stand? The U.S. Mint may be about to find out.

Starting July 22, proof and uncirculated collector 2008 Buffalo gold coins will go on sale.

This year in addition to the one-ounce size that made its first appearance in 2006, the Mint will also offer fractional sizes of half ounce, quarter ounce and tenth ounce.

For the proofs, the one-ounce coin, which has a $50 face value, is priced at $1,199.95 each. The half ounce with a $25 denomination is $619.95. The quarter ounce with a $10 denomination is $329.95. The tenth ounce with a $5 face value is $159.95.

A four-coin proof set is priced at $2,219.95.

The mintmarked uncirculated collector versions with “W” for West Point start at $1,059.95 for the ounce, $539.95 for the half ounce, $289.95 for the quarter ounce and $129.95 for the tenth ounce.

Price of the four-coin “W” uncirculated Buffalo set is $1,959.95.

The Buffalo gold coins are .9999 fine gold and they are encapsulated and then placed in a hardwood holder.

Sales will begin at noon Eastern Time, July 22. Visit the Mint’s Web site at www.usmint.gov.

It might take a few more government stimulus checks to raise the $4,279,90 cost of the two four-coin sets.

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3 Responses to Buffalo gold arrives July 22

  1. Bradley R. Hutson says:

    With the way the spot price of gold has been moving up the past few days, it is extremely likely that those published prices from the Mint will never see the light of day, at least for the Uncirculated coins. The 4-coin set weighing 1.85 oz at $1,959.95 has a small enough mark-up over the current gold price (at the time of this writing anyway) of around $980/ounce that I would be interested in about three of them at that price! Will I get a chance to buy them for that, though? Unless gold tanks again in the next few days, I seriously doubt it. I will hope the price holds, though.

  2. Merle J. Hyldahl says:

    I cannot get the cardinal rule for investing out of my mind- -"Buy Low. Sell High". Gold is not going to stay forever at near $1000 per ounce.I don’t believe for a minute that precious metals have established a new plateau from which they will deviate slightly from day to day.
    If you are buying gold "Buffaloes" for an investment, watch out! The value can come down just as well as it can climb. If you are buying them because the 2008 issues will be gone and if few enough are sold, the after-market price will increase, good luck. But if you are buying them just because they will never again mint 2008 issues and you MUST have one for your collection, forget the economic side altogether and enjoy your new acquisition.

  3. Ginger Rapsus says:

    I may purchase a quarter-ounce gold Buffalo. I am a big fan of Buffalo nickels, and the quarter-ounce size may approximate the size of the nickel. It would be nice to wear one, as a "gold Buffalo nickel." GR

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