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Boy Scout sellout nearer, but not yet

If you missed the opening of sales for the new Boy Scout silver dollar commemoratives March 23, you still have time to order what you would like, but it is best you don’t delay further.

The latest weekly numbers show that the Mint has sold 266,517 of the coins through April 6. Sales during the prior week rose by 51,844. With a ceiling of 350,000 coins, that leaves the Mint 83,483 coins left to sell.

If sales follow the usual pattern, the coins will stay available for roughly another two weeks.

Should the eBay posse decide that a sellout is assured and a stampede ensues, the sellout point can be just days away.

If you are simply a collector who wants to put the new coins in your collection, it is best to get your order in and don’t worry about which day the sellout might occur.

There are some people who watch sales figures for weeks or months on end, depending on the program, and then decide at the last minute to buy – I assume they believe they will make a profit, or at least own something desirable.

Sometimes they miss the deadline. Then they complain to me.

Sitting on the fence can have consequences. If you want the coins, buy them.

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2 Responses to Boy Scout sellout nearer, but not yet

  1. Brad says:

    I’m thinking the "eBay Posse" would be best off to leave this one alone. The final spread will likely be 225,000 proofs and 125,000 uncirculateds. Neither number is low enough to create that "gotta have it" mentality. After sellout, the competition on eBay will be fierce and the prices will get lower as time goes on. With eBay and PayPal taking a combined 11.9% (plus .30 cents extra for PayPal and a listing fee for eBay) and postage on top of that, the sellers might end up with less in the end than what the coins originally cost them.

  2. Douglas Belland says:

    For collectors who want both coins, the projected 125,000 UNC is not going to be enough in the secondary market. I also believe many non-collectors are ordering for scouts, venturers, and former members for awards, gifts, and keepsakes. My daughters love that their venturers are included on the coin and would never sell theirs (gift from Dad).Those coins will not make it to the secondary market. Supply-Demand price issues are often about the number of coins being offered and sold, not always the number manufactured. Of course all of that depends on a sell out, which I think will come before the price increase.

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