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Bargains like this can't last

Rapidly rising bullion prices are hard to keep up with.

I had an e-mail yesterday from a reader who was looking at the Mint’s website and evaluating the offerings based on the size of the premium over bullion that he could buy the product. The higher the premium, the less desirable the purchase. The lower the premium, the more desirable.

By no means is the Mint selling gold or silver for less than melt value.

However, the reader did identify one product that was getting close to melt value.

The 2009 District of Columbia and U.S. Territories proof set features six 90 percent silver quarters. Each coin contains 0.18084 ounces of silver, or a total of 1.08504 troy ounces.
At yesterday’s price, that works out to just over $25 in silver value. At today’s price the silver value is $26.42.

Issue price is $29.95 a set plus a $4.95 per order for shipping and handling. If you order 100 sets, the $4.95 adds less than a nickel a set to the cost, or $30 if you like round numbers.

If you didn’t get the set, you’d better hurry. Deals like this don’t last long.

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5 Responses to Bargains like this can't last

  1. Mark says:

    It’s amazing they are still selling the 2009 set for $29.95 which is six coins when the 2010 set which is only 5 coins with a silver value of about $22.00 is selling for $32.95.

  2. Brad says:

    Funny, I ordered 26 of those sets just yesterday when it occurred to me to check and see if they were still available. I have a feeling the Mint will cut them off at around 300,000 units, so they should be going off-sale any day now.

  3. Pinky says:

    You say to buy these sets but in the post under this you say to sell silver too, it doesn’t make sense.

  4. billy says:

    What are you guys going to do with these sets when the price of silver goes down to $15? so what if the set is TEMPORARILY selling for bullion value… that does not mean the set is a good deal, that means silver is overvalued! dee dee dee

  5. Jorge says:

    Maybe we will have to use the silver quarters to buy food when the regular clad quarters can’t buy a crumb because they have become worthless.

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