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Are you a pioneer?

Some collectors are pioneers. They head off in directions where the mainstream does not follow.

Where most of us buy the book, buy the album and then fill it up, others don’t want to be bound by convention.

Good for them.

Being a pioneer means not knowing how it will all turn out. They do what they like. Personal satisfaction means more than a well traveled collecting road.

A recent pioneering effort that caught my eye has to do with hobo nickels.

The originals were done more than three generations ago when Buffalo nickels were in circulation and clever artists redid the design by hand.

Collectors spotted these and began to collect them.

The Original Hobo Nickel Society was founded in 1992 and a new generation of artists took up the craft. Amazing works have been created.

The next step is apparently silver rounds that are reproductions of the works of the new hobo nickel artists.

Osborne Mint is creating a series of five pieces in 2016 that shows the work of Paolo Curcio, who is known as “Mr. The.”

Collectors can buy these pieces as they buy their bullion from firms like APMEX, Provident, JM Bullion, Littleton Coin Company and SilverTowne.

I happened to look at the APMEX website. I will put a link here.

"The Fisherman" by Mr. The hobo nickel reproduction silver medal.

“The Fisherman” by Mr. The hobo nickel reproduction silver medal.

“The Fisherman” design was the first one issued in 2016. The second was “The Train” and the third one was released yesterday called “Skulls and Scrolls.”

On July 26 “Green Fair Fishbone” is due and on Sept. 27 “Jefferson Skull Scroll” will arrive.

There is a one-ounce proof, a one-ounce antique finish and a five-ounce antique finish.

There is a maximum of 10,000 of each available. A serial number appears on the edge.

Today’s price for a one-ounce .999 fine piece is $27.05. This will change as silver fluctuates.

Pioneers will be buyers. What happens next not even they know, but because they like them, they will enjoy the ride.

Buzz blogger Dave Harper has twice won the Numismatic Literary Guild Award for Best Blog and is editor of the weekly newspaper “Numismatic News.”

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  1. I completely agree with you. I had heard of hobo nickels but were not interested in them. The problem was information. I’m experiencing that now. I collect civil war tokens and conder token. I belong to the ANA.I wrote afew bogs on these and the comments were a little shocking. Never heard of them. They had tokens in the civil war? What are conder tokens? This is because of the lack of collectors being exposed to them. Now I also collect all sorts of coins. But through research and friends I found out about these collectable items. Am I a pioneer? I don’t know. I collect these tokens for there art and beauty not to mention there history. I think the problem is also value. That’s all collectors want today. How much can I get for it? That’s my opinion Mike.

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