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Any buyer’s remorse?

Here we are more than one year after the sales began for the 2009 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens gold $20.

It is approximately two months since sales ended.

The mintage, though not finalized by the Mint’s accountants, is 115,178.

Did you buy one?

More importantly: are you glad you bought one?

I wrote a year ago how excited fellow staff member Bob Van Ryzin was the day the UHR coin he had ordered arrived.

He showed it around the office. He showed it to me. It was one of those experiences that every collector understands, that undefinable pride of owning something that you have always wanted to own.

Sure, he is a Saint-Gaudens scholar; I am not, but I sure understood how he felt. Collector feelings are important. We don’t talk about them. It is all about completing a set, making a buck, or art and history. We don’t usually say what we feel.

How about you? How are you feeling about your UHR?

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5 Responses to Any buyer’s remorse?

  1. Mike says:

    My only regret is not buying more. The coin is absolutely stunning. The temptation to pull it out of the protective capsule to hold is drivingly mad.

  2. craig says:

    I love my UHR. The box is a bit much, but the coin itself is magnificent. I also wish I could have afforded to by more than one. But at least I have one to look at and admire.

  3. Sean says:

    I really regret not being able to buy one. I have seen pictures and it is one of the most beautiful coins I have seen. I wish I had the sort of money to just go buy a coin of that price and it not put a hurting on me financially. Maybe someday I will, but for now I can only hope.

  4. Louis says:

    I love the UHR too. I’d say it’s probably the best product the Mint has ever produced. The fact that mine was graded MS70 first strike was a nice bonus! The mintage may seem high but I think demand will continue to remain strong, which should keep prices at a strong level. Louis

  5. Wesley says:

    I would love to own one! It is most definitely one of the most beautiful coins I’ve ever laid eyes on. Unfortunately, the price tag is way too high for my modest collecting habits. I put it on my Christmas list, but (no unexpectedly) only got a "yeah right" out of it from my wife. Perhaps some day…

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