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An other cent rock festival?

Will the Old State Capitol in Springfield, Ill.,  turn into a numismatic rock festival this morning as the one in Lincoln, Ind., did in May?

The third Lincoln cent design is scheduled to arrive officially at 10 a.m. midwifed by Mint Director Ed Moy and local dignitaries U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin and Mayor Tim Davlin.

Thousands queued up to get the second design in Indiana and completely ignored the formal ceremony. Many went through the line two and three times to get more cents.

I had an e-mail from a former enthusiast, who attended the Lincoln City ceremony early. This time he didn’t have a good thing to say. He wasn’t going to the third event at all.

Perhaps his illusion of vast fortune beckoning was shattered in Indiana. I can’t know for sure, but nothing seems angrier than a hobbyist who decides he has been deprived of speculative profit when it seems like others are getting it.

Taking the pressure off the cent release in Illinois are two other sales locations set up in Washington, D.C., one hour earlier (because of the time difference).

Collectors will be able to buy rolls of Lincoln cents for face value at Union Station and at the Mint’s headquarters building from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. today. Next month the cents will be available on Capitol Hill at the Rayburn House Offfice Building.

Collectors who do not want to drive, can order two-roll sets online, but they will of course have to pay $8.95 each plus a handling charge of $4.95.

So is the bloom off the numismatic rose? we will soon see.

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  1. John says:

    I am a GIA Diamonds Graduate whom has been studying to become a Gemologist. I am also a 24 year collector. I decided to look at the Lincoln Cents in circulation under my gemological microscope. I have been looking at about 150 cents a day for the last month. I have errors apon errors in all years of the Lincoln, but one stands out the most. I have found a 1983-P in EX.FINE condition with 20% red color. The reverse has two die cracks at the bottom of both lowerends of the memorial. This is not what I care to talk about this cent about. The amazing thing is that the Lincoln in the memorial is not there. Under 100 plus magnification there is a little color toning that can be seen , but no raised or depressed formation of the Lincoln that should be there. I need to borrow a camera to take the picture with, but please email me if this is a notable error.

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