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YNs boost Albuquerque show

Attendees came in record numbers for the Albuquerque Coin Club’s spring coin show April 24-25, where the 200th anniversary of the Lincoln cent was the theme.

An Abraham Lincoln look-alike – Steve Acre – was on hand to talk to young collectors about the cent. Each child in attendance received a card that displayed a newly released cent, as well as a steel, wheat and Memorial cent.

Dealers reported that sales were great, according to President Bob Laetare. The club’s next show in October was sold out before the close of the show.

Laetare attributed the event’s success in large part to Albuquerque’s YN club. Members helped during set-up and assembled seven displays of Lincoln material for the show.

YNs each did their own research and assembled their own display on an assigned topic.

“The results were educational, [the displays] looked great and were admired by all who saw them,” said Laetare.

The YN club also made a portrait of Lincoln out of Lincoln cents and demonstrated how to fold currency into origami forms to all who watched.

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