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Wis. club launches Web site

The Waukesha Coin Club announced the launch of its new Web site, www.waukeshacoinclub.com, on Aug. 13.

As an incentive for new members, it is hosting a contest for residents of Southeast Wisconsin for children age 17 and younger. The participant who correctly answers the following questions will win a Morgan dollar from the 1800s and a free one-year club membership:

What U.S. President is represented on the $500 bill? Name two of the National Banks that once existed in Waukesha.Name three items represented on the Wisconsin state quarter. What U.S. president was assassinated and exists on our current paper money? What was the last year that the Lincoln cent had wheat ears on the back?

A drawing will be held in the event of a tie. Those who provide correct answers and attend the club’s Nov. 1 meeting will win a prize. Visitors age 18 and older who mention this contest will win a token and receive half off a membership.

Entries may be mailed to Forrest Schumacher, 2300 Avalon Drive, Waukesha, WI 53186, or brought to the meeting. Location details are available on the Web site.

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