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Whitman releases coin ledger

Whitman Publishing is introducing a new resource for collectors called The Official Red Book Collector’s Inventory of United States Coins that gives them a way to keep track of their U.S. coin collections.

Small enough to carry in a pocket, the 300-page Collector’s Inventory features extensive note-taking space.

Inside are spaces for all popular U.S. coins from 1856 to date (Flying Eagle cents to state quarters and Sacagawea dollars); classic and modern commemoratives; proof and mint sets; and type coins.

“This is a field book to take to coin shows and shops while you’re on the hunt for your next numismatic acquisition,” says Whitman Publishing president Mary Counts. Featuring actual-size photographs, complete mintage records, and details about every coin, the book is also a numismatic reference, with history and specifications about each denomination and coin type: compositions; diameters and weights; mintmark locations; and more.

The Collector’s Inventory of United States Coins is available nationwide for $9.95 at coin shops and bookstores. More information is online at www.whitmanbooks.com.

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