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Which commemorative is closest to sellout?

Harper Dave.jpgI was doodling around with the Bald Eagle numbers. Without looking at the commemorative column, which of the denominations do you think is selling best?

If you go by sheer numbers, it is the silver dollar, which has registered 311,239 sold out of a possible 500,000. The half dollar sales have reached 235,850 out of 750,000 and gold has hit 67,501 out of a possible 100,000.

If you compare percentages, gold is the champion at 67.50 percent sold. Silver dollars are 62.25 percent. The laggard is the half dollar at just 31.45 percent.
The clad halves are created to give more collectors a shot at an inexpensive commemorative. Sure, 235,850 is not a number to be sneezed at, but inexpensive doesn?t seem to be the strongest selling point.

The Adams Signature has been added in the Sets and Singles box.

The 2007-W platinum American Eagle box is pulled out again. Sales were suspended perhaps for the last time. we?ll see.

John Quincy Adams dollars went on sale just a few days before this was written, so those totals will soon appear.



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