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Watch for platinum mining strike

It has been an uneventful week for precious metals. They traded lower for a few days and have settled in the middle of the recent trading range. Premiums remain constant at recent levels with good continued demand apparent. One thing to watch for in the platinum market is the possibility of a mining strike. Should this happen, I believe we will see a spike in pricing.

In the Walking Liberty half series the early high grade dates remain strong although a few more 1921-P and 1921-D coins were available in low grade. The inevitable correction in low- to mid-grade circulated 1938-Ds continues with the first three grades down. These will probably over correct, but are approaching fair value at current levels.

Type coins are mixed. Low grade through AU are very firm, except for Flowing Hair and Bust dollars, but there continues to be noticeable weakness in several of the high flyer Mint State issues. Ironically, MS-64 common date Barbers and Liberty nickels  are showing good buying activity and firming prices.

Several key date 20th century issues were available recently because of the need to raise some cash. The 1909-S Indian and its VDB Lincoln counterpart have softened in price. We are seeing a little more availability of the 1914-D and 1922 plain cent in lower circulated grades.

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