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Washington quarter rolls take major dive

lilmint.jpgDid 21,657 of you return your two-roll sets of Washington state quarters last week? 

Sales opened strong, as reported last week, but this week while figures for the 100-coin and 1,000-coin bags ticked upward, the number for the two-roll set fell. Hard. Who can say why? Apparently just one of those internal accounting mysteries.

We?ve had a request to show the official U.S. Mint first day cover sales numbers again. If you?re interested in seeing these, or not, best to pile on now. Send e-mail to david.harper@fwpubs.com.

You don?t have to limit your thoughts to first day covers. Send e-mail about anything Mint Stats, anytime.

Buffalo gold bullion sales appear to have slowed this month compared to last. At 4,000 as of near the middle of the month, they?re not even close to half of last month?s 28,000. bigmint.jpg

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