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“W” mintmarked American Eagles go on sale April 27

Will lightning strike twice? The Mint may be hoping so as uncirculated gold and silver American Eagle coins with ?W? mintmarks are set to go on sale to collectors April 27.

Sales of these coins in 2006 culminated in rapid sellouts last autumn.

Prices and possible mintage figures were not available at press time. Collectors are advised to check the Mint?s Web site for further information, or telephone (800) USA-MINT on the first day of sales.

The ?W? uncirculated coins were first introduced iin 2006. Regular uncirculated bullion American Eagles have no mintmark and they are sold through the Mint?s official distribution network. The ?W? mintmarked uncirculated coins are struck on specially burnished planchets and sold directly to collectors by the Mint for prices higher than the regular bullion coins are sold for.

The 2006 ?W? coins were priced at $19.95 each for the one-ounce silver. The one-ounce gold was $720. The half ounce was $375, the quarter $190 and the tenth $85.

The Mint Web address is www.usmint.gov.

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